Easy Tricks for Beginners to Win Samgong Cards

The method for playing Samgong cards for beginner online gambling players that you should know before playing. The samgong card game is no longer uncommon to play nowadays. The samgong card game is played with a variety of HK issued playing cards. The samgong card game can now also be played online. The samgong card game is now played by gamblers to gain profits on online poker websites in Indonesia. For some beginner samgong card players, there is no need to worry because we will also give a few tips on how to play samgong cards for beginner players. In the Samgong card game which is played slot server thailand with playing cards, the card points are completely different, namely:

Samgong Card Playing Method for Beginners
For beginners who don’t understand the playing method and order in the Samgong card game, Mimin will explain it in detail so that you understand and know exactly what the scores should be.
In the Samgong Card Game with Playing Cards, there are several different card scores that you should understand, as below:

Important Scores for Winning Samgong Cards:

Cards 1 to 9 All types of images have the same value as the numerical score on the corresponding card
The Ace Card has a Point of 1, and the 10 Card is Worth 0/10
King Picture Cards such as K, Q, and J are all worth 0 or 10, the same value as the number 10
The best and highest points in the Samgong card game are 30 (which can be obtained from 3 cards)
Highest Card in Samgong Game:

Small Pure Card (Score of 3 Cards totaling no more than 5 values)
Tris Card (Can be 3 of the same cards or twins)
Large Pure Card (From 7 Cards, the Score Obtained is no More than 30 Scores)
Samgong Cards can be Scored (30 Scores)
Game flow
1. The deck will be random and then distributed poker online to each player’s IDN Toto with a total of 3 cards per player.

2. Players who have received cards must therefore calculate the nominal points of their own cards themselves:

The player can take another card if the player has cards with a total total of less than 25
Minimum card points owned by players are 25
If the card is too big it will be declared a loser
If the dealer has cards above 30 it is allowed

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