Zodiac Signs – Follow to Wealth and Love

Following the advice in your daily horoscope may be one of the wise things you can do to advance your career and improve your love life.

In the 1970’s, a world-renowned Marxist social critic followed the daily horoscopes in a prominent London newspaper, assessing the quality and substance of the advice they dispensed according to the Zodiac Signs. After a year of painstaking research, he concluded that people following the astrologers’ guidance probably would behave and perform extremely well in the modern corporate workplace, because the advice whether or not it was influenced by the stars inculcated thoughtful, honest, and ethical behavior.

Several recent studies have reached the same conclusions. Dr. Naomi Tellez, a political scientist, has carefully deconstructed a year’s worth of horoscopes using rubrics from workplace ethics. Demonstrating one example of her results, she took the expression, “You might choose to be an outsider now, but withdrawing from others will just bring the attention you are trying to avoid. Take the advice simply on its own merits. Does it not meet the requirements of common sense? Workplace ethics typically demands that you repress your feelings to focus on the task at hand, and they reinforce conformity for the sake of collegiality”. In this instance, Dr. Tellez stresses that the would-be outsider will obviously enjoy a much better day at work if he or she heeds the Zodiac advice; the worker will conform and work instead of generating needless drama. zodiac signs

The Zodiac for Psychotherapy?
Clinical psychologist Dr. Rachael Woodruff says that following your horoscope may provide an effective form of cognitive therapy, especially for people with low self-esteem. “Descriptions of your Zodiac sign highlight all your positive attributes, and people naturally identify with descriptions of the qualities they like in themselves”. Dr. Woodruff explains that you naturally feel empowered to own and use those best attributes. “If your Zodiac sign says you are creative and you believe it, you will become creative. You will feel you have both permission and encouragement to take the risks that genuine creativity requires. When you believe it, you become it”, she concludes.

Going on to address questions of Zodiac signs meanings and compatibility, Dr. Woodruff follows the same reasoning. He assumes that a person, who follows the horoscope’s guidance, identifies the qualities and develops them. Naturally, the more you develop your own best qualities, the more you like yourself. Just as naturally, the more you like yourself for those fine qualities, the more you will attract people who like those qualities in you”.

Dr. Woodruff takes the reasoning a step further. He suggests that when you study the signs that are supposedly compatible with your own sign, you look for qualities you admire, attaching them to the Zodiac signs. You naturally equate the qualities with the signs, and when you find potential partners who fall into those signs and have the qualities you like and admire, you feel your faith in astrological signs confirmed. Dr. Woodruff readily concedes that there is an element of superstition and magic in all true love. Everybody has a ‘lucky day’ and a ‘lucky dress’. He thinks that people, who follow the advice in their horoscopes, often make better work, life, and love decisions than people, who dismiss them.


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