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Casinos are some of the most popular entertainment venues in New Zealand. Since gambling is an activity that is enjoyed by adults across the country, casinos and other gaming venues have become top performers in the local entertainment market.

SkyCity Auckland is the biggest and most popular casino in New Zealand. Located in the country’s busy capital, it is no wonder that it attracts the most players. However, the casino’s success is not only due to its convenient location; SkyCity Auckland also boasts some great facilities for players to enjoy. pgslot

The Auckland location is host to two luxury hotels, one of which has earned a five-star rating. The world-class accommodation that SkyCity Auckland provides attracts high-roller gamblers from around the world. The casino itself boasts a high-quality facility as well, with 1600 gaming machines and over 700 table games. You will also find 12 bars and restaurants, appealing to individuals who are less interested in gambling and more interested in having a fun night out.

SkyCity also operates two other casinos in Queenstown and Hamilton. Both venues offer the same type of experience as SkyCity Auckland, but on a much smaller scale. They are focused on the entertainment aspect of casinos rather than solely encouraging visitors to gamble. So, patrons will find world-class restaurants and nightclubs – in addition to hundreds of pokies and table games.

Christchurch Casino is also a popular location, although this particular casino appeals more to locals than it does to tourists. It does not feature all of the luxury facilities of SkyCity Auckland, but it boasts a well-equipped gaming floor and offers fun and exciting events on a regular basis. Every week, Christchurch Casino offers players a new way to earn cash prizes, including raffles and tournaments. So, players who are more interested in gambling should visit Christchurch Casino.

This particular gambling venue has experienced some difficulty in recent years, but it is now back on its feet. Christchurch Casino was shut down for months after the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that hit the city in 2011. Causing the operator to lose significant profits, there was doubt that the New Zealand casino would ever reopen. However, thanks to the support of the local community, the venue was relaunched in May 2011. It has experienced great success ever since.

Players looking for a more casual gambling experience will want to visit their local pubs or gaming clubs. These types of venues do not host table games, but they offer an abundance of pokies and other electronic gaming machines. These types of venues have become a staple in New Zealand’s gambling market, and they appeal to the taste of serious players.


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